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A Post To Our Potential Team Member

With this post we want to further describe the various ways to start with our team of coders.

Some time ago, we described how we handle our recruitment process. In addition, Błażej, one of our junior devs, shed some light on how it feels to be hired by us. His enthusiastic post offers a great view into how it feels to be hired by Netguru, and with this post we want to further describe the various ways to start with our team of coders.

There are 3 ways to start with our dev team:

  • As an intern if you don’t know anything about RoR but you have experience with other technologies and you have great communication and teamwork skills. Your goal will be to reach the junior level. We won’t hire an intern who just wants an internship and thats it. We look for long-term relationships.

  • As a junior developer if you already know enough about rails, have a project or two under your belt (but maybe not commercial ones). If you are stuck with PHP somewhere else (or something of this nature), and you have great communication and teamwork skills.

  • As a developer if you have great communication and teamwork skills, and already work and rock in Rails world.

You can check out our career paths.

With that settled, there are some general rules we always follow with newcomers:

  1. Internship and ‘Juniorship’ at Netguru is an occasion for both sides. We get a chance for new awesome team member and you get to learn things quickly.

  2. And you will learn quickly. We’ve built our entire environment around sharing knowledge, learning and giving feedback.

  3. The internship lasts for 4 weeks. Every week your mentor will talk to you and give you feedback. You will have to make it to junior level by the end of the internship.

  4. The ‘Juniorship’ lasts 3 months. Every month or so, we will meet and give you feedback. You’ll have this time to make it to the developer level.

  5. These time periods are non-negotiable and this is one of the first things you learn when you join our team as an intern or junior. Interns have to show of enough skills after 4 weeks to become a junior, and junior has to be independent enough after 3 months to maintain a project on his own. You get only one chance to show us what you’re made of!

This is part of how we invest into new talent—we teach, spend our time with new people, and develop relationships with them. Our interns and juniors get to work on real-life projects with our clients, while we never charge our clients for junior and intern work. We are careful to catch intern and junior coding mistakes with our fast code review process. We also try to maintain a balance, as to not hire too many inexperienced people at once, which might put a strain on our team.

This is the way we get to hire the best people; we focus on fostering talent from those who have the potential to be awesome.

Are you ready to get awesome?

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