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Quick Guide How to Join Netguru

Netguru is constantly growing and evolving, and so is our recruitment process. We’ve made many improvements since last year and, most importantly, we managed to develop various career paths - both for programmers and for non-tech employees. I’d like to present to you our recruitment process, so you’ll always know what to expect after clicking the “apply” button on our career site.

How to apply

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a junior open to learning but not particularly qualified (yet!) or you’ve already gained experience in some area of expertise. If you have the talent and passion to deliver, we’ll find you the right place among us.

Let me walk you through these two scenarios:

1. You’re not experienced yet, but you’d really like to learn and improve your skills.

Netguru is a perfect place for your professional career to evolve. For everyone who’s eager to learn and not afraid of challenges, we prepared free Ruby on Rails, iOS (coming soon!) and Project Management workshops. Once the workshop is over, we invite the most promising participants to take part in our recruitment process, even if they haven’t worked as developers or projects managers before.

2. You’re already experienced and ready for new challenges.

Our door is always open to experts. If you’ve already worked on a similar position and you’re not afraid to speak English on a daily basis - you’ve come to the right place. All you need to do is just to click the “apply” button, fill the form and forward it to us. Don’t worry, our recruitment team will take it from there and walk you through our recruitment steps as soon as possible.

But first things first, before you decide to apply - make sure you fulfill all of these requirements, which are universal for every job opening at Netguru. If you meet the following criteria:

  • you have exceptional communication skills,
  • are fluent in English (minimum B2 level and C1 for marketing and sales positions),
  • can focus on continuous learning and self-development,
  • have the ability to search for answers and drill the topic you’re working on,
  • love new technologies,
  • appreciate start-up-like organizational culture and atmosphere...

...that means you’re ready to join us!

How to join Netguru in 5 steps

Let’s begin with a guide for developers. If you are not a developer and want to join Netguru growth or office team, scroll down to the guide for non-tech candidates.

For developers

1. Send your application

Once you click the “apply” button on our career site and fill a questionnaire - your application will show up in Workable - our recruitment tool. Don’t forget to paste a link to your Github or Bitbucket profile - we need to check your code before we decide to invite you for an interview. In case you’re not able to demonstrate your code or we just simply need to check your skills a bit more thoroughly - we might send you an additional task to solve within the following 7 days.

2. Interview and pair programming

We believe that your skills are more important than your CV, and that’s why we invite all the promising candidates to a pair programming session and a short interview. First, we’ll talk for a while about your experience and expectations, you also get some time to ask all the non-technical questions. This part shouldn’t last longer than 10-15 minutes. Then you’ll spend around 45 minutes on coding simultaneously with one of our experienced developers. Feel free to share your doubts and ask questions - you’ll have our full attention during this session.

What’s also important, we conduct this whole meeting remotely, via Google Hangouts or Screenhero, so you can relax and sit comfortably on your own couch. Just make sure that your internet connection works properly, set up your microphone and camera - and you’re good to go.

3. Interview with one of our team leaders

If you pass the technical stage - you’ll be invited to an interview with our Head of Technology - Adam, or one of our team leaders, which is the last stage of the recruitment process. The meeting is more of a general nature, you’re not going to receive any further coding tasks nor technical questions. This talk will be focused on your previous achievements and motivation to work and learn. We might use Google Hangouts again or meet in person at our HQ, it’s up to you.

4. Good news

If everything goes well at every one of these 3 steps - you’ll find a job offer in your mailbox very soon!

5. Welcome on board!

Once you agree to our terms, the office team will take care of your onboarding process. You’re in good hands!

For Project Management, Quality Assurance and other non-tech teams (Marketing, Sales, Office)

1. Send your application

The pattern is quite similar - you need to select the job post from our website and send us your application. If your CV meets our requirements, you’ll be invited to the next stage: recruitment tasks.

Pro tip: make sure that you upload an English version of your CV!

2. Tasks

It is worth highlighting one more time - we want to check how you think and act in practice, your CV is important, but not crucial. This is why you’ll receive one or two assignments from us. We give you a week to complete your assignment and send us a shareable link to your answers prepared with the use of Google Documents. When completing your assignment make sure you are precise and creative as much as you can.

3. The interview

After we gather and check all applications, we send interview invitations to candidates who rocked with their answers. The interview is usually conducted by one person from the Recruitment Team and one person from a team you’re applying to join. We’ll invite you to our office in Poznań or - in case you live in a different city - we’ll use Google Hangouts. The whole thing shouldn’t take longer than 45 minutes.

4. The final meeting

If you made it this far - congratulations, you’re just a step away from joining Netguru! There’s one more, relatively short (around 20-30 minute long) meeting with Aga (Head of Operations), Kuba (the co-founder) or Wiktor (the CEO). This talk is mostly focused on your work attitude, motivation and career goals.

5. Drumroll, please

Check your email - if you passed all the above stages, there will be a job offer waiting for you. We're already preparing a warm welcome for you!

You didn’t get a job? It’s not the end of the world!

We increase the size of our team regularly and there’s always a bunch of job posts on our career site. If you didn’t get the job you applied for - feel free to send your application for any other position that suits to your requirements. In case you’d like to give the same position another try, we ask you to wait 6 months before your next approach.

Also, remember that you can always ask for feedback.

What else…

Don’t be surprised if we respond to your application in English and use this language during an interview - it’s a part of our recruitment process, we need to check how comfortable do you feel with it.

Do you know everything you need to know? Don’t wait another second, check our career board and click the “apply” button - we’ll be thrilled to meet you. If you would like to see what it's like to work at Netguru, check out our recruitment infopack to learn more about the company! In case you still have any questions or doubts - you can always drop us a line at

If you're a mobile developer and you're reading this - yes, we have you on our wish list! Netguru is hiring iOS and Android developers at the moment, so don't hesitate to cast an eye on our career page and apply.

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