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Introducing: People. A simple open source app for managing devs within projects

Some time ago, we decided that we needed to improve the tool that manages our team work in a better way. Introducing: People App.

We’re getting bigger and bigger! Some time ago, we decided that we needed to improve the tool that manages our team work in a better way. Introducing: People.

As the name suggests, the app is focused around people: it gathers the information about a team member, like role, telephone number, github nick, or the city in which we work. It allows us to see our present and past projects, as well as our skills, which makes it easier to choose or assign the next project.


The main purpose of the app is to manage people within the projects. The main table shows the current teams in each project, but you can also add people who will start working on the project in the future, and see the people who are going to join or leave the project team by clicking “highlight ending” and “highlight next”. It looks something like this:



Ever had a problem with finding another developer for your project? In the “available people” section, you can see who is, or who will be, available shortly. This is something we’ve found to be extremely useful for planning our current and future projects.



We made it possible to create and assign people to a potential project, even when it’s not certain if the project will launch or not. Our sales team loves it, as it gives you the ability to plan resources for prospects far ahead.

Projects have some additional basic features, like project notes or email reminders. On top of it all, we built an API that allows you to connect People with other apps!

A Ways To Go...

We know there’s still a lot of work ahead of us (yes, the UI sucks for now, but our Help application sucked too, and look how good it looks now!).

We hope you can enjoy the app as much as we do. Feel free to post any issues on GitHub and give us inspiration for future improvements!

Find People App on GitHub.

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