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7 Reasons Why You'll Love Working at Netguru

Are you looking for a perfect workplace in the IT industry that will give you a chance to evolve? Do you want be a part of exciting projects, use top-notch tools and trending technologies? Would you like to join a happy team from all around Poland, a group of people who enjoy the time spent together? Applying to Netguru is an excellent choice. Well, perhaps this sounds like bragging, but let us convince you with these 7 reasons why you’ll enjoy working with us.

Reason 1: Employee-friendly working conditions

We really care about our folks’ comfort and do a lot to make them feel happy at work. Every person is different, that’s why we give you a choice: you can work remotely or at the office. We’re located in 7 offices around Poland. Also, we want to make sure that both early birds and night owls can do their best: you may start work as late as 10 AM if you prefer.

Reason 2: Excellent equipment

You don’t have to worry about the gear - Netguru will provide you with high-quality Apple laptops. Also, if you need any peripheral devices such as screens, mice or keyboards - just ask! Our Office Management crew makes sure you have everything you need.

Reason 3: Convenient tools

Effective work requires using top-notch tools - and our toolset does the trick. For daily work on projects, we use:

  • JIRA and Trello for project tracking,
  • Slack, Zoom and Google Hangouts for remote communication,
  • CircleCI, Rollbar, CodeClimate, GitHub for developers’ work,
  • and more!

You can read more about our toolset in this blog post.

Reason 4: Knowledge sharing is caring

The people we hire vary with regards to the level of professional experience: from grass green newbies to experts with thousands of commits under their belt. No matter how much you know, there’s always something you can gain and share. Netguru provides you with refunds for English lessons and conferences you choose to participate in, organizes internal workshops and webinars, gives you an opportunity to share knowledge as a blogger or speaker, and lets you work on a wide variety of projects. That’s a lot of space to evolve!

Reason 5: All work and no play...

Do you think that working from offices scattered around the country and working remotely means feeling all alone in the workplace? Not at all! It takes some effort, but we managed to maintain the friendly atmosphere among our folks by organizing frequent get-togethers. Every two months, we see each other at team meetups in Poznań so that we can spend some quality time playing games, participating in different workshops (e.g. making sushi), or enjoying a tasty dinner. Team retreats take place twice a year with regular hackathons, lots of entertainment, memorable gifts and pure fun! To keep you happy every day, we provide free breakfasts and 50% refund for lunches. How cool is that!

Reason 6: We take good care of you

At Netguru, you don’t have to worry about your health - we provide private health insurance for every team member, and it’s all included in your pay. We’re also happy to provide you with a fitness membership (Multisport) so you can enjoy your sports activities for less.

Reason 7: Transparency

We talk a lot about it and it’s the core value of our working culture. But what does it mean exactly? It means that you know a lot about us from the start. Before you apply, you can check your pay grade in the career paths on our website. Once you start working at Netguru, you can ask anything - there are no stupid questions, really! We value equality - there is no strong hierarchy in our teams. All the departments share the news and updates eagerly on our knowledge exchange platform to keep everyone informed about upcoming changes and issues.

We hope these 7 reasons convinced you to give Netguru a try. For even more details, check out our recruitment infopack or drop us an email at, we’re looking forward to hearing from you! 

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