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Tools to Make Sure Your Website Doesn’t Suck

Are you confident that your website is delivering good performance to your users? By staying on track with the latest trends and performing updates as necessary, you can always be sure that your site doesn't suck.

Are you confident that your website is delivering good performance to your users? By staying on track with the latest trends and performing updates as necessary, you can always be sure that your site doesn't suck.

Domain Tools

What's in a name? Getting the right web domain matters, and the following online tools can help you find a free domain that suits your brand.

  • Domainr: Domainr can help you find a short and snappy domain name or a longer, more descriptive one. As well as searching for .com names, it also checks for clever combinations.

  • Hipster Business Name: Want to give your website a tongue-in-cheek hipster-style name? Hipster Business Name is a website tool that serves up helpful suggestions, such as "Dog and Cattle" or "Satchel and Ale," then links you to a site where you can purchase your favorite.

  • Short Domain Search: Short Domain Search allows you to search single-word domain names. Available names are presented in a list, with the shortest options shown first.

Heat Maps

Heat maps show how visitors navigate through your site, providing useful data that you can use to assess just how engaging your website content is. Heat maps can also reveal weaknesses or strengths in your web design.

  • This website tool is easy to implement; simply add a JavaScript tag to your site. The tool collects data to help you optimize your landing pages and see how users interact with interactive features on your site.

  • Crazy Egg: Simply enter your site's URL to view your heat map. You can then decide where you need to make changes to your web design or website content.

  • SeeVolution: SeeVolution provides you with real-time data that shows how visitors are moving through your site. You can view a click heatmap, a mouse move heatmap, and a scroll heat map for your site.

Copywriting Helpers

Content optimization is an important part of SEO. These online tools can help you create no-fluff, captivating copy that works.

  • Grammarly: Grammarly is like an in-depth version of your word processor's standard spell check. It checks text for grammatical accuracy, spelling and originality.

  • Hemingway: Hemingway helps you make your content easier to read by highlighting complex sentences that readers find difficult to follow.

  • If you have trouble concentrating on web copywriting, then you need ZenPen - a minimalist writing zone that aims to block out distractions so you can focus.

SEO and Website Analysis

Use these tools to check your keywords and overall site SEO.

Image Optimizers

Use the following online tools to optimize your images for all kinds of devices.

  • Google PageSpeed Insights: PageSpeed Insight can efficiently compress your image to accelerate your website loading, particularly on mobile devices.

  • Image Optimizer: Image Optimizer is a free online tool that quickly and easily compresses image files.

  • Image Optim: Download ImageOptim to easily compress your images and remove unnecessary data. The drag-n-drop interface is easy to use.

A/B Testing

Testing is an important part of web development. The following tools can help you perform an A/B test to see which design or content strategy works best.

  • Google Analytics: Google Analytics provides comprehensive resources to allow you to compare variations of your pages.

  • Optimizely: With a visual editor and a support team on hand, Optimizely is an easy-to-use testing tool that can help you optimize your site for various audiences.

  • Unbounce: Unbounce focuses on helping you build landing pages that draw visitors into your site, therefore reducing your bounce rate.

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