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Heavily illustrated websites and apps are quite common nowadays, no matter the industry, but not too long ago that wasn’t the case. Some of the world’s smartest companies have bet on illustrations early on, gracing their digital products and accompanying marketing pages with tiny artworks, and today they are reaping the rewards. They’ve sparked a worldwide trend in digital design, which others have been trying to catch up to ever since. I believe that the storytelling element of illustrations is crucial to their effectiveness. In this article, I’m going to share some insights on how Dropbox, Uber and Slack – world-renowned leaders in their industries – have increased conversion rates through illustration.
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Illustrations are a powerful tool for your business that can be a real game changer. Is this statement not too bold? Surely, pictures can be a nice decoration of your product, website, app, publication. They can make it more aesthetic, eye-catching, user-friendly. But is it enough to call something “powerful for the business”?
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Once a year, at the beginning of spring, I used to open my wardrobe and start cleaning. Beside being a valuable mental exercise (removing unused stuff gives us a fresh start) it is also a great opportunity to understand that we very often make buying decisions in the heat of the moment. Every year, spring after spring, I look in the mirror and ask myself - Wojciech...why? Why do you buy so many useless things? Is it really about clothes? Or maybe it’s because of the patterns and illustrations that are printed on them...
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