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Two programming languages probably couldn’t be more different from each other than Python and PHP. The former is hailed for its simplicity and straightforwardness, while the latter is often criticized for its quirks and tendency to generate spaghetti-like codebases. Python brings to mind modern applications such as machine learning and data science, while PHP is mostly associated with old-timey web development and old-school discussion forums. Still, both remain popular and have their benefits and disadvantages. In this blogpost, we’ll try to present a fair comparison of Python and PHP, taking into account a number of factors which you should consider when choosing the language for your new software project.
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Behind every great product stands a long story of very hard but yet right decisions. Right after the question “What should we do?” comes another important question: “How should we do that?”. We’re not able to make this decision for you, because there are so many ways and tools for implementing things that it’s impossible to even know all of them. But we will try to help you just a little and compare two of the available technologies you can use in your next web application: Ruby on Rails and Laravel.
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Even though both PHP and Node.js can manage apps of any complexity, they are built around different concepts and architectures. If you are an app owner choosing between these two environments, you should be aware of their major advantages and limitations.
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