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There are times when we face big problems and hard decisions in our businesses. In fact, starting and running a company is a constant struggle to win new clients, increase awareness, respond to customer needs and successfully launch products to the market. These challenges often raise questions on how it should be done properly. Having tested numerous solutions we’ve adopted  Product Design Sprint, a tool initially developed within Google, which will give you answers to these strategic questions. Our clients confirm its effectiveness and enumerate its many benefits. We picked five universal advantages of PDS to give you an idea how your business can profit from adopting this framework.
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You might have already encountered to this term, but you're probably here to find out what Product Design Sprint really means. This article will help you understand the powerful impact PDS could have on your business and why it’s good to start PDS workshops with us even today.
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Netguru has been growing rapidly within the last few years due to many factors. We are fast, predictable, transparent and flexible. We stick to the core values we preach and practice on a daily basis and this helps us achieve business goals. However, we’ve come a long way to build a solid foundation. We’ve leveraged many methods and tools to enhance internal processes, improve communication and deliver a better value to our customers. One of the these tools was Product Design Sprint.
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