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Here comes the next part of our blog post series about our favourite QA tools! After the presentation our favourite screenshot tools, we continue the discussion on the Chrome extensions which make our never-ending hunt for bugs more productive and efficient. The tools we present below are small and light-weight, but they will make a big difference for your workflow. All the extensions are completely free and for you to install in your browser!
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Are you working on a new web app that will win the hearts of its users? Are you a resourceful client of a software house, a dedicated product owner, or an ingenious developer? Then, you want the user experience to be as good as possible – regardless of whether your app is a personal project or the next Facebook-killer. Graphic design and user interface are exciting, but their less obvious cousin, performance, is no less important. If you would like to take care of performance testing yourself or introduce your QA team to this task, keep reading – this blogpost will be about JMeter, an easy-to-use, yet powerful (and free!) tool to perform load tests with.
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Make Your UI/Functional Testing Easier With XCTest

When it comes to mobile testing (well, testing in general) every QA specialist in the world does way too many manual tests. It's very time-consuming and is often frustrating. So why would one do that? How can one avoid it? At Netguru we have been testing for over 8 years. We have some experience in mobile testing and I would like to share with you some tips on how to automate your iOS testing, at least part of it.
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How to Cope With Information Overload as a Professional pt.1

Scientists say that our brains process up to 35 GB of data daily. Imagine how much would that be if we only took people from the IT industry. Our brains haven’t significantly increased their capacity since the dawn of the digital era. To be able to be truly productive we have to efficiently separate the signal from the noise. In this two-article mini series I will tell you how I deal with information overload while working as a Quality Assurance Specialist in one of the biggest software houses in Europe.
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