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Ruby on Rails and Django are both perfect frameworks for web development. The things that they have in common range from programming language similarities (Ruby, for Rails, and Python, for Django, are both object-oriented and dynamically-typed) to performance (which is specific for each project). It’s safe to say they are like twins, differing only in the language used under the hood and the applied philosophies, each born in a different ecosystem. So, how do you choose one over the other?
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Progressive Web Apps is a concept in web development that focuses on making web apps fast, reliable, and engaging for all users, regardless of what device they own and how well their internet connection works. But can all businesses benefit from PWAs? What criteria should you meet before investing in this technology? Find out what 4 types of apps can benefit the most from being built as Progressive Web Apps.
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What Makes a Web App Progressive

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) make the world of web dev evolve steadily. What are they? A fast growing trend in web development that is strongly pushed by Google across the world. PWAs deliver value to users on all devices, bringing a near-native experience through web apps. I’m pretty sure they will be the next big thing after native mobile applications – a new life for web apps on mobile devices.
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10 Popular Companies that Do Progressive Web Apps

76% increase in conversions, 30% speed gain,  88% performance improvement, five times lower data usage, and 23% increase in the number of mobile searches. These benefits have been enjoyed by the major players in the global digital economy, including Twitter, Washington Post, Forbes and Virgin America. How? They adopted PWAs in their applications.
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Since 2007 Lemonfrog AG specializes in building and running online marketplaces for services. Lemonfrog started with Babysitting24, a site matching babysitters with parents, and soon expanded to other marketplaces with websites: Petsitting24, Homeservice24, Tutor24, Seniorservice24, and more. Lemonfrog platforms operate in Switzerland, Austria and Germany.
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