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Whether you are coding from a local...

Whether you are coding from a local cafe, wire-framing at the office or deploying to production in-house, if you’re a part of a web development crowd - a computer is your workshop.

No wonder that for those who stand behind the code, a desktop pic and arrangement can be a pretty personal thing. You know - all those hours spent in front of the screen.

So… for the weekend, give our little game a shot!

6 great members of our team took a sneak peak of their desktop’s look. Could you match the name with the screenshot? Bartek, Jacek, Magda, Krzysztof, Dominik, Kuba. Ready, steady…match! (for the answer, click “read more”;).

The correct order goes like this:

Top left - Dominik, Top right - Jacek

Middle left - Magda, Middle right - Kuba

Bottom left - Krzysztof, Bottom right - Bartek

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