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Enquire? Inspire! With Robert

In this series of posts, we introduce our team members so you can get to know the people behind our projects. This time, say hello to Robert - our barista-to-developer Ruby on Rails guy, a Kindle addict and an after-hours carpenter.

Welcome to another episode of Enquire? Inspire! In this series of posts, we introduce our team members so you can get to know the people behind our projects. This time, say hello to Robert - our barista-to-developer Ruby on Rails guy, a Kindle addict and an after-hours carpenter.

I’m the happiest in my job when…

There are three things that can make me happy: the team, the project, or the circumstances.

I love working in close-knit and communicative teams - everybody knows what to do. If there’s any issue in the project, we can rely on each other. It’s also a pleasure to work with people you can chit-chat with and enjoy their company. It helps us feel like humans at work, and avoid the robot mode.

I’m also happy when there’s trust between the developers’ team and the client. And when there’s more features than bugs in an iteration :). But if any bug happens, it’s good when everybody - both the client and the team - keeps calm and simply does their job as well as they can. I’m not a fan of when in trouble or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.

When not working, I indulge myself in…

Mostly, I spend time with my family. I love to see my friends and pop out for a beer, accompanied by good conversation and board or computer games. Also, I do my best to read regularly, mostly on my favourite gadget - Kindle. I recommend it to anyone who hates carrying a huge load in their bags while commuting on crowded public transport. Recently, it’s been a rarity, but if I get the time, I like to plunge into my latest hobby - carpentry.

Every day I visit…

I guess you can tell a little about my interests and daily habits from the links I visit :) It’s:

  • Gadżetomania - a Polish web portal about gadgets,

  • Filmweb - the Poland-based equivalent of IMDb,

  • CDP - an online media store with books, games, films, etc.,

  • Sideshow Toy - a collector's toy store,

  • Facebook - no surprise here, I guess.

My favourite mobile app is…

I don’t have one favorite app - it depends on what I need at a particular moment. For my “read-later” articles, I use Pocket. When I have many small everyday tasks to do, e.g. buy some nails, clean up the wardrobe, order dog food, I rely on Wunderlist. My favourite weather forecast app is UM METEO. I also use the regular Facebook apps for messaging, timeline checking and so on. Rather than using the default iPhone email client, I prefer Gmail by Google.

…and many more - including games!

My technological guru is...

Steve Jobs, for his determination in achieving life goals and showing that technology can also become a sort of art.

I first took up programming when…

I got hooked on computers when I was 7, when my older brother got his first PC. Of course, I was more interested in games at first. But years passed and my curiosity grew. How do you change a person’s hair colour in pictures? How do you make games? How to develop a website? After the final exams in high school, I wasn’t confident enough to start programming as a professional, so I took up gastronomy. Starting from McDonalds, which is much harder than many people assume, I ended up in a cafe because of my love of coffee :).

Creating food is awesome, but I wanted to switch to something more permanent, so I started working as a PHP developer and SEO/SEM specialist - two-in-one. Before Netguru, I had worked for a few employers, but what I realised is that I value the possibility to evolve, satisfying projects and working with interesting people, and that's why I'm here.

Recently, I’ve been inspired by…

I get inspired mostly by the people around me, my team. They want to learn all the time, get to know new things, even though they may have hard times at work or in everyday life. Their persistence and determination motivates me to keep going and take up new activities outside programming, for example carpentry.

I couldn’t live without…

My family, friends, hobbies, work, my dog, coffee, and good beer!

If I could give some advice to the younger version of myself on my 1st day at Netguru, I’d say…

Don’t be afraid to say: “Hey, I just got stuck on some issue, have you got a minute for some pairing?” Unless some research was made before asking :).

We hope you’ll visit our blog again - stay tuned for more profiles of our Netguru folks! If you want to join our team, don’t hesitate to drop us a line or visit the career page - we’re constantly hiring new people for all departments.

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