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Teams embracing DevOps need experienced sysadmins. Experienced sysadmins need to join good DevOps teams in order to grow and learn the technology, tools, and processes that will be used for the years to come. Here's Netguru's take on DevOps job market trends and individual DevOps career choices. Read this post to learn how our new Site Reliability Engineering team can be a perfect place to grow.
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DevOps is trending. Tech companies are hiring DevOps engineers, and startups providing DevOps solutions are quickly becoming unicorns with valuations exceeding $1 billion. Here at Netguru, we are on the bandwagon cheering the hype. We believe DevOps brings a set of practices that can help you build a scalable, stable, and secure software architecture fast. It also offers sysadmins some completely new career opportunities. This is why we’ve prepared this guide to show you 8 DevOps tools the Netguru team can't imagine working without.
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17 Must-Attend DevOps Conferences in 2019

The world of technical conferences may sometimes seem difficult to explore, and choosing the one right for our needs from thousands of offers can be really tough. This also applies to DevOps events, which differ not only in duration and price, but also in the character and formula. The offer of those conferences is ultra-wide, focusing on topics from top technical things to issues like changes in organization and culture. 
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DevOps engineering is still new enough that not everyone in IT fully understands the concept. And yet, companies that do discover it tend to adopt DevOps quickly and with much enthusiasm. Many aspiring IT professionals recognise it as an attractive and profitable career path. So what does a DevOps engineer do and how can you become one? Keep reading to find out.
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