Netguru Digital Forum 

#05: Effective communication and cooperation in a design team



Join us on 22th June 2017

6 PM CET (duration: 1h)


Working in a design team presents many challenges when it comes to communication and effectiveness. However, if you develop certain skills and follow some essential rules, the results will be much greater than just the sum of work of all designers.

Our experts will unveil the ingredients of perfect teamwork.

By taking part in the webinar you will learn: 


  • Why is teamworking the best way to achieve success?                      
  • How can effective cooperation in a design team deliver extra value to your company?   
  • What are the tools that can increase your efficiency?
  • What are the main secrets of effective communication in a design team?     



Speakers: Marta Stachecka, Łukasz Pachytel, Product Designers at Netguru

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