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🔥 Human face of technology #16

I deleted my Facebook profile, Apple announced new iPad Pro making it more performant than the new MacBook Air, Google is planning to launch their Search service in China, Reasons why IBM bought Red Hat, Why I believe wearables can be another way of computing (after mobile devices).
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🔥 Human face of technology #15

 Facebook puts limits on the News Feed; Facebook’s beginnings; PV panels’ prices set to drop; Apple Maps chasing Google Maps; Autonomic cars’ progress still slow; Latest developments in the world of AI;’s automated warehouse; Transportation in cities; More than 80% of the world’s population are urban dwellers; Temperatures breaking record heights; Uber reduces discrimination; 
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🔥 Human face of technology #14

Spotify goes public; Theranos founder convicted of fraud; ECG Apple Watch strap; Facebook doesn’t collect our data; Fitness-faking tech and aliens; Why do people found companies?; The whole of humanity in one picture; Computer-generated Instagram models; National Geographic admits to being racist.
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🔥 Human face of technology #13

We're fed up with Facebook; YouTube turns our brains into mush; Apple Watch is a sales hit and can diagnose illnesses; Female Uber drivers earn less; Eastern Europe is robotising; Dirty Money is a great Netflix documentary; Dopamine gave us an evolutionary advantage over apes.
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🔥 Human face of technology #12

American technological corporations vs. Europe; plastics out of sugar; the history of iPhone; city bikes; the life of ISIS terrorists; the USA withdraw from the Paris climate pact; marijuana can reverse brain ageing.
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🔥 Human face of technology #11

AI is a black box; WeChat commodifies iOS in China; Echo Show; Electric cars in India; Apple Watch & Cardiogram can detect ventricular fibrillation; Zuckerberg out to lunch; and a Zulu answer to the Cartesian scepticism.
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🔥 Human face of technology #10

AI vs. work; wearables; a tech giant vs. the rest of the market; slavery in Poland; Facebook apes Snapchat; Google makes its own adblocker; the music industry on the rise again. 
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🔥 Human face of technology #9

Programmer ethics, AI in MS Word, household robots, the uncanny valley, women in tech, cheap flights to Mars, Internet privacy, Polish innovation accelerators, and a brilliant new podcast.
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🔥 Human face of technology #8

Where to invest money, what skills to develop and more - internet advertising, EV, electric bicycles, the Uber crisis, current state of AI, Netflix’ business strategy, philosophy of identity and Zuckerberg’s political manifesto.
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🔥 Human face of technology #7

Specialised AI that will replace many white-collar jobs is slowly becoming a reality. Managers are a profession quite easy to replace – they produce hardly anything and base their actions on algorithms and procedures. Computers are much better at algorithms and procedures. They carry them out much faster, without relying on emotional judgments. Ray Dalio has been experimenting with such an approach, raising a lot of controversy. This must have been the first time that the media expressed concern about the future of high-salaried investment managers. Seems symptomatic, doesn't it?
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