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Ruby on Rails

How to become great Ruby on Rails developer

What we want you to learn is how to create some mindblowing code in Rails and there’s no better way than learning by practice. During every online course are presented with 10 taks with mentoring of Netguru leaders.

Members of the course are later asked to build a Rails app from scratch. Each course group is coached by one of our awesome developers, so you’ll never be left alone with all your questions and ideas. After 10 emails during 30 days and 16 hours of coding, your GitHhub account will be one app richer and your head repository called the brain - one more technology wiser.

Who is this online course for?

Our workshops are designed for two groups:

  • developers who use Python, PHP, JAVA, .NET frameworks or other languages on a daily basis but would like to learn Ruby on Rails,
  • less experienced developers at the intermediate level who would like to gain experience in Ruby on Rails.
Project Management

About the PM Workshop

Have you always dreamt about being a Project Manager in a software house? Or maybe you’ve never thought about it seriously, because you saw too many obstacles to overcome? Our Project Management Workshops are a great opportunity to face this challenge! Our PM team will show you how to take your first steps in managing communication with clients and coordinate the process of building the apps. What’s more, it is a chance to get familiar with our flow and to start working in Netguru as a Junior PM. Workshops will take place over the weekend. We will work together 8 hours per day (pizza break included!).

Is This Workshop For Me?

Our workshops are dedicated to everyone who is open-minded, eager to learn project management and crazy about new technologies


About the iOS Online Course

Similar to our Ruby on Rails tour, we're planning to kick off with a series of free iOS coding online courses. Stay tuned!

Is This Course For Me?

Anyone who is open-minded, eager to learn and crazy about mobile technologies is more than welcome!

Brand new iOS online course is coming soon. Join and book your place right now.