London Is Expensive - 5 Ways A Remote Dev Team Will Ease Your Pain

With a wide range of tech hubs and startup incubators, the conditions for growing a business in London are more than favourable. Being close to influencers and conferences is obviously a great advantage. On the other hand, however, the cost of running a business in London is much higher than in any other European city. One possible solution to this problem is to hire a remote development team, but many companies are afraid of doing so because they think that they will have more control over an in-house team. There are 5 reasons why they might want to change their mind.

Backup Reviews And A Recovery Plan - Can You Sleep Well At Night?

Imagine this: It's 2am and you’ve just got an urgent call. The server with your application setup is down. Now, you have to restore the application on a different server. The quicker you bring the server back to life - the better.  What do you do?

Top 10 Most Promising London Startups In 2016

If you’re gonna make it as a startup, then you’re gonna make it in London. In case you didn’t catch it, my last blog here – ‘Top 10 Most Successful Startups In London 2016’ – pays testimony to that. From FinTech ventures like Funding Circle and TransferWise, to property gurus RightMove and Zoopla, to fashion retailers ASOS and Farfetch, London is home to some of the most prosperous tech startups in the world.

Good Process Can Save Your (Work) Life - How To Create One

Designing web and mobile applications is a complex process, which consists of multiple stages. The complexity of the process makes it very easy to make seemingly insignificant mistakes. Unfortunately, those mistakes can have serious consequences, even though they might seem small and unimportant at first – for instance, an unnecessary line of code. In order to minimise the risk of making such deceptively harmless mistakes, it is crucial to create processes and procedures. Below, you will find what the key features of an efficient process are and how we create procedures in Netguru.

Setup ESLint For Your Ember Project And Save Time

You probably noticed that even in version 2.5.0 of ember-cli the default JS linter is JSHint - and there's nothing wrong with this. But what if we're using ES6 and Babel which are not fully supported by JSHint? Luckily for us - there's a great solution out there called ESLint. I'll show you how to use it in your Ember project.

Save Time And Be A Better Dev With This Ember Forms Add-on

Dealing with forms and validations is a part of life for every developer - ember-legit-forms hopes to make your life easier! It will help you minimize the number of errors, shorten the time you spend on coding and will make the whole process of filling in forms a lot easier.

Why Do Apps Fail? Run Through This Checklist And Avoid These Mistakes

Starting an app business is a long bet with high risk and high payouts. You put at stake the time and money it will take to launch, promote and sell your product, expecting it to deliver outstanding value to the app’s users. If you succeed, having an application with satisfied and dedicated users can turn into a self-perpetuating machine and a great opportunity to make profit or influence the world. It's difficult to say whether an app will be a game changer or not. However, many projects fail because they repeat some basic mistakes. Read the list below and try to avoid them.

Top 10 Most Successful London Startups 2016

It’s no secret that the UK’s great capital plays host to some of the most burgeoning and innovative startups the world has to offer. And the reason is simple – not only is there the resources, the talent, and the support for startups in London, there’s also a real sense of community in the tech sphere here. And where there’s a thriving community of like-minded individuals, there is also spirit, motivation and unbridled patronage flowing positively between all members, pushing each other forward ever towards greater and better things.

Start Fast Code Review With a Single Slack Command

In Netguru we deal with a huge amount of code review, because we consider it a vital step before deployment. Finding a good partner to share your code base with can be a hassle, especially with our 50+ projects on various technology stacks. This is why we created a fast and reliable smart Slack bot to help find great code-review partners. In seconds, with only a single command. Take a look at this magic.

The London Trap: How To Survive Extreme Brain Drain

London and Silicon Valley are the strongest tech talent magnets in Europe and in the US respectively. The best engineers flock to work there. However, it doesn't mean they are up for grabs for just about any company out there. They get immediately scooped up by the strongest players in the market and never become available again.