Perform Load Tests With JMeter – Free and Easy yet Effective Tool

Are you working on a new web app that will win the hearts of its users? Are you a resourceful client of a software house, a dedicated product owner, or an ingenious developer? Then, you want the user experience to be as good as possible – regardless of whether your app is a personal project or the next Facebook-killer. Graphic design and user interface are exciting, but their less obvious cousin, performance, is no less important. If you would like to take care of performance testing yourself or introduce your QA team to this task, keep reading – this blogpost will be about JMeter, an easy-to-use, yet powerful (and free!) tool to perform load tests with.

Strategies for Startups Inspired by Game Theory

In 1944 John von Neumann and Oskar Morgenstern published Theory of Games and Economic Behaviour which was a breakthrough in the area of Mathematics and Economics. It fostered thinking about games in a more rational way, and gave us a powerful framework in which to do so. Having read it, I would like to share some of my thoughts and perhaps show you how you can apply these concepts to startups or, indeed, to everyday life. The techniques at the heart of this theory, or maths in general, can give us some basic intuitions for thinking about startup strategies, since Game Theory investigates how to behave when there is a conflict of interest.

Make Your UI/Functional Testing Easier With XCTest

When it comes to mobile testing (well, testing in general) every QA specialist in the world does way too many manual tests. It's very time-consuming and is often frustrating. So why would one do that? How can one avoid it? At Netguru we have been testing for over 8 years. We have some experience in mobile testing and I would like to share with you some tips on how to automate your iOS testing, at least part of it.

Patterns that Will Help You Be a Better Developer

In today’s fast moving world deadlines can be a real nightmare, especially for devs who have to focus on the code they’re writing to keep its quality high. One solution to help devs deal with time pressure, while keeping the code clear of bugs and easy to test, is to use patterns: methodologies for creating code that solve the most common problems in development. In this article we describe the ones we use and see the most.

10 Slack Features that Will Help Your Corporate Communications Rock

It’s only a cliché because it’s true – but communication really is the key to all lasting and beautiful relationships. There are hundreds of communication tools available for teams out there – but, our number one favourite beyond all doubt is Slack. Take a look at these 10 Slack features that will help you skyrocket your corporate communications.

Initiating a new project - Agile Also Means Planning

Agile project management is usually associated with adjusting projects to customers requirements and continuous improvement. Agilists value responding to change more than following a plan. That said, Agile also involves planning – especially high-level planning. Initiating a new project is an important and time-consuming stage of the project. This phase of software development is also one of the most misunderstood aspects of project management.

Translating Your Vision Into a Product Team’s Plan

As a product owner you have a vision for the final product. However, it sometimes turns out that it’s impossible to carry out the development process strictly as you planned. You have to create a new actionable plan together with your development team. In this article we share our lessons learned over the 8 years of working with clients. We will also shed some light on the risks associated with poor communication during this step. Learn how to keep a smooth transition from ideas to outcomes.

The Team You'll Need to Bring Your Project to Market

If you’re a product owner and want to create a team that will develop your product, imagine the following situation. You’re a sport team coach and your task is to draft a team of players that will guarantee a victory in the championship. Who you need is a star that will lead your whole team and a ball handler guy who will turn your idea for the game into a game plan. You will also need a glue guy who will pass the ball smoothly and dominating centers who will score points. A dirty job guy may also come in handy to check whether you are turning your strategy into life. “OK, but what does sport have in common with software development”? you may ask. Not much. But it was a fun way to start this blogpost. ;)

The Pros and Cons of Rewriting the App From Scratch

Are you having problems with adding new features to your project easily? Are you unable to quickly make significant changes to the project? Maybe you spent a lot of money and aren’t seeing results from the development team? As a product owner, you might want to rewrite the application from scratch. Take a look at the possible advantages and disadvantages of such a solution and make a wise decision.

How Third-Party Integrations Can Help You in Your Work

Third-party integrations can help you automate development work with Pull Requests and Issues on GitHub. Read our mini guide on why you should use them and which ones you should choose.