Pains of Recruitment - Notes From the Side of Recruiting Developer

Recently, Netguru has once again broken new records when it comes to the developer horsepower packed under our hood. The time has come to get our hands dirty with some new hires, not for the first and (definitely) not for the last time. I want to share with you my thoughts about how it is to participate in the recruitment process as a recruiting developer. It’s not as easy at it may seem at first glance.

Log Production Errors in Your React-Redux App And Reproduce Them on Development

Do you remember to integrate error reporting tools in your both backend and frontend JavaScript stack? Take advantage of the redux single application state tree and log user errors with the full application state. Make your single page applications more reliable and easier to maintain.

Things We've Learned During Coolcal Development in Kotlin

Learning Kotlin is a pleasant process and only takes a few hours if you’re familiar with the Java programming language :)  The syntax is very intuitive, e.g. a when block is more readable than an if block or switch. At Netguru we had quite an adventure with Kotlin over the last few weeks while creating the Coolcal app. Here you can read about how we did it. In this article I want to tell you more about what it’s like to learn Kotlin.

Coolcal - Android Development Made Easy And Fun

Coolcal is our attempt to test a new approach to Android development. We focused on Kotlin as it is a statically typed programming language for JVM, Android and browsers. The result is a showcase app which shows the current weather linked with your upcoming events. Read on to see how we did it.

2015: The Year UX Ended

I admit that the title is a terrible clickbait, but I truly hope that UX has finally come to its end. At least the kind of UX we all knew. The times are gone when the UX designer used to be the design evangelist preaching for the user’s satisfaction. UX designers are no longer the lone knights of arts and humanities in the techie world of IT.

How to Cope With Information Overload as a Professional pt.2 - Calming Methods

Imagine the following situation: you're in a hurry and have a lot tasks to do. The clock is ticking but your to-do list is not getting any smaller. And now you’ve realized that forgot to write down some tasks. Sounds familiar? In my previous article I shared some thoughts on how to cope with information overload. In this piece, I'd like to tell you about some mind-calming practices we all need but which we tend to forget about in our hectic lives.

How to Cope With Information Overload as a Professional pt.1

Scientists say that our brains process up to 35 GB of data daily. Imagine how much would that be if we only took people from the IT industry. Our brains haven’t significantly increased their capacity since the dawn of the digital era. To be able to be truly productive we have to efficiently separate the signal from the noise. In this two-article mini series I will tell you how I deal with information overload while working as a Quality Assurance Specialist in one of the biggest software houses in Europe.

Maintain Your Gems Up-to-date With Netguru's Mini Guide

All gems must be kept up to date. The most important reason is to avoid security vulnerabilities, but new releases also improve speed, provide compatibility with newer versions of other libraries and often new features. This task gets harder as your Gemfile gets bigger, but the strategies below will help you ensure a smooth upgrade experience.

Latest Trends in Development - Download the Full State of Stack Report

We are excited to present you with the first edition of Netguru State of Stack Report. All the articles you will find below are based on the data from the State of Stack study conducted by Netguru and Typeform.

How To Measure User Engagement With Hubspot and Google Analytics

Not so long ago we came up against a big problem while analyzing the performance of our campaigns  – there were no conversions at all. We had two versions of a campaign: blog content and sales/business content. The plan was to choose the better one. How do you choose the winner if there are seemingly no conversions?