How to Calculate the Cost of Partnering with a Software Development Agency

Netguru has worked with dozens of clients, ranging from startups to big corporations, for more than 8 years now. One of the key strategic decisions for any organisation thinking about software development is whether to hire full-time employees, freelance contractors or an agency like Netguru. Here are my tips on calculating the cost of each option, and what to look for when discussing pricing with agencies.

My Dobot - interview with Eric

Eric Spery is a career Java developer and long time IT manager. He's senior vice president at My Dobot, a San Francisco / Denver based startup developing a mobile finance management tool. The company was founded by three former industry insiders who had seen the wizard behind the curtain, and wanted to create a better way forward – because everyone has the right to financial health.

How To Set Up An Automatic Docker Staging - Mini Guide

Dynamic staging, or integration, uses the combined power of Docker and Docker Compose, which is a tool that lets you easily configure and link containers with a single YAML file and to build containers with linked services, such as databases, redis, etc. Take a look at how to set up an automatic Docker staging and how we do it at Netguru.

First steps in Phoenix from a Rails guy’s perspective

Right now, we are witnessing the comeback of the functional paradigm in software development. Companies are trying to see whether they can use languages such as Haskell, Clojure, Erlang in some parts of software and whether they perform better than object oriented approaches, e.g. Ruby.

Our Favourite Devops Tools - Check Them Now

When we’re building an app, we sometimes have to choose tools to help us manage servers and make our life and work easier. At Netguru, we are working on many applications and we manage a lot of servers, so here we present a list of tools we use on a daily basis, which we like, and would recommend.

[Checklist] How to Manage a Consulting Development Agency

So the moment has finally come — you’re looking for a software consulting agency. You not only want them to build your product but would also like to receive advice on the best way to do it. You want an agency that will take you by the hand, guide you through the process and offer you some solutions to guarantee the best possible results for your project. Take a look at this list of things you should check before making a decision which agency to choose.

How to Choose the Right Gem

Ok, you have a problem that can be easily remedied by a couple of gems. In my last article I explained when it's worth choosing a gem. But which one should you choose? Let's contemplate a few of the metrics you can use to make an informed choice.

How to Create An App Like Pokemon Go

Augmented Reality is increasingly turning into the hot technology of the moment, especially after the launch of the Pokemon Go game. Some time ago I devoted a blog post to how to start playing around with AR: Augmented Reality in Mobile Devices (with an App Tutorial for Android!). It was huge success - more than 10.000 people read it. It turns out that location-based AR is not all that complicated so today let’s check what we need to create an app that works like Pokemon Go. Yes, you read it right, we are not immune to tempation of using this game to boost our blog traffic. Shameless!

When It Is Worth Choosing a Gem

One of the many advantages of writing a project using Ruby on Rails is having the access to Ruby’s unparalleled ecosystem. It comprises of a seemingly endless number of libraries, or as we rubyists call them – gems, for every purpose imaginable. Need a comprehensive private messaging system? Check out Mailboxer. Want to prettify those logs? Lograge can help with that. Always dreamt of travelling through time? Grab Timecop and hang tight – one wrong turn and you might end up in problems.

4 Talks From EmberCamp 2016 Everyone In The Ember Industry Should Hear!

This July, we had the pleasure of attending the second edition of EmberCamp in London. Aside from the charming, friendly atmosphere and interesting, international group of attendees – a total of 8 enchanting talks were given, including presentations by members of the Ember.JS core team. Following the theme of last year’s sum-up published on our blog, we’ve chosen our four favorite talks of this year’s Camp to share with you!