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ShiftWear, an up-and-coming tech startup, is about to launch a unique and one-of-a-kind sneaker that can be customized in real-time using a slick mobile app. Available in high, medium and low tops and with a waterproof and walk-to-charge design, these groundbreaking sneakers have image designers from all over the world able to create and design animations for their sneakers.
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Rupert Sellers is managing director at Barometa, the next generation job platform for career-oriented people in hospitality.
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Tino Wendland is one of the co-founders and the CTO of Lemonfrog AG, a company founded in 2007 that successfully disrupted the sharing economy and now runs 11 services marketplace platforms in Switzerland, Austria and Germany.
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Eric Spery is a career Java developer and long time IT manager. He's senior vice president at My Dobot, a San Francisco / Denver based startup developing a mobile finance management tool. The company was founded by three former industry insiders who had seen the wizard behind the curtain, and wanted to create a better way forward – because everyone has the right to financial health. Read the interview in which we asked Eric why they decided to work with remote teams and where My Dobot is now.
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